Mergers, changes and updates.

Greenfield Online and Toluna, a leading community panel, have merged under the Toluna name. If you were a member of Greenfield, all of your information and rewards have been automatically migrated to the Toluna website. This merger, in my opinion, is a good one. Toluna, along with Greenfield, are leading online research organizations. I personally have had a great deal of success with Toluna surveys. They offer all sorts of opportunities to voice your opinion, test products and complete surveys.

The merger, announced in November, has officially taken place as of January 4, 2010. They have also relaunched an all new rewards program to expand current incentives. Points will now be able to be redeemed for rewards ranging from cash prizes, merchandise, prize drawings, sweepstakes entries, charitable donations and more.

If you have been a longtime member of Greenfield you might find the Toluna site overwhelming with all the polls and opinions. I find it easier to wait for a survey opportunity to come in my email, fill it out and move on. I don't spend a lot of time on their site.

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