Building Trends for 2016


Knowing what trends are on the horizon for the coming year can help keep you up to speed on what is new on the residential front to better meet client needs and desires. While home trends emerge slower than other trends, they exist and they do, in fact, emerge. Being on top of what's ahead can give you an edge when looking at what will help sell a house in the coming months as well as knowing what types of new housing may be available moving forward. These 12 trends reflect ways the industry is coping with environmental challenges, which can alter the look and functionality of homes and the incorporation of new building materials and methods. Experts say these are the trends to watch in 2016.

  • More Sustainable and Resilient Homes. As climate continues to change homes need to be more able to withstand natural disasters and to use natural resources in more effective ways.
  • New Twists on Classic Building Materials. Many favor the more luxe building materials such as stone but cannot afford such expensive options. The trend to create the same high quality feel as a lower price point is bringing about innovation in ways to create the look and durability in clever ways, such as stone and terra-cotta veneers.
  • Awareness of Drought Being More Common. With increased awareness of drought probabilities and the importance of water conservation this trend is also becoming a mandate in many places. Low flow toilets and showerheads are becoming the standard along with a myriad of water saving and recycling technologies being incorporated into design.
  • Digitized Manufacturing. This means that the variety and quality of prefabricated construction is being revolutionized. The ability to design and create with more precision than ever means more options when it comes to prefabricated materials. The impact is huge when more expensive products can be replaced with less expensive, quality materials.
  • Reclaimed Wood Floors. The demand for reclaimed wood is higher than ever. Consumers crave the authenticity despite the new products that do a good job of interpreting the original. This is important as reclaiming wood is also environmentally a sound practice. The type of wood flooring in homes will become more and more important to buyers moving forward.
  • Softening Modern Design. Homeowners are looking for a softer way to do the sleek modern look. Look for use of warmer more handmade looks in modern design elements. 
  • Tiny Houses... on Wheels. The trend to downsize is certainly gaining popularity as is the tiny house movement. Now, those tiny homes are sprouting wheels as the desire to be mobile and flexible in a hipper way is gaining popularity too.
  • Universal Walk-in Pantries. As Baby Boomers are aging the trend is to build wider entry pantries that easily accommodate a walker or wheelchair. Look for pocket doors and walk-in pantries with adaptable shelving to accommodate this aging generation staying home longer.
  • Integration of Indoor and Outdoor Spaces. With doors that easily open and close effectively creating a wall or removing it means easier and more seamless integration of inside and outside. Where environment allows this trend will be big, creating larger more fluid space incorporating the outdoors.
  • Layered, Softer Colors. Lighter colors, reflecting natural elements like rose quartz are turning up in paints, backsplashes and tiles all over homes. This lighter, softer palette incorporated through layers of design from materials to paint will be important in creating the desired more sophisticated effect.
  • Copper Makes a Comeback. Not only is this gaining popularity as is conjures up 40's era glamour it is also being heralded for its natural anti-bacterial properties. Copper is coming back in everything from fixtures to color schemes. As fear of antibiotic resistant super-bugs grows anything that fights bacteria while just sitting still is gaining popularity.
  • Enhancing Entertaining Space with Niches. The heart of the house is the kitchen and also where the majority of entertaining takes place. With open floor plans and islands taking over in kitchens the new trend is creating back, or prep kitchens, for the dirty work to take place.

Being in tune with these trends in 2016 will help you guide your clients in creating these spaces and helping them find what they are after in a home. You can also help your sellers by being on the cutting edge of what consumers are after, to better guide them in any changes they may want to incorporate in their space to help it sell.

Sources: National Association of Realtors, CoreLogic, Housingwire, Bureau of Labor Statistics, HUD

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    The building trends and the designing of house are now very much popular. the trends these days are new and more beautiful and attractive than previous one they seem to be very demanding in the market and well they really made the house beautiful and adorable.

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