Four Tips to Make Your Home Show Like a Model

I was reading an article the other day about showing houses and why some just don't seem to attract buyers. The home might be perfect for them but sometimes they just can't get past the first impression. Studies have shown that it takes buyers only seven seconds to decide whether or not they are going to buy a home once they set foot in the house. That is why is so crucial to make a good impression and also why "staging" a home for sale is such a fine art.

However, not all of us have the cash on hand, or the time, energy or desire, to do things that are really going to flip your home over to the next buyer quickly. As you know, "price trumps all" in real estate, but not everybody is ready to continually lower their asking price. Also, not everybody has the cash on hand to install a brand new Jacuzzi complete with wall mounted towel warmers and new stone tile floors. However you might have the money on hand to install designer faucets, paint the walls and replace the old iron door handles with the latest trendy brushed stainless steel knobs.

Here are four quick and easy ways to make your home show like a model for under $200. These are easy-to-do tips and the type of thing a qualified Realtor® or an interior decorator would advise you to do to help "stage" a property to so it is more attractive to buyers. The goal of this list is to give you solid advice on how to make your home show better than the competition in the local market.


  • Clear all Clutter. Don't be a hoarder!

You can get rid of all of the junk in your home for free! Simply get rid of anything you don't need, or haven't use in the past year and haul it away in your car to the nearest town dump. If you have metal objects, head on over to the scrap metal recycling center like this one in New Egypt. If you live outside Burlington County, Google scrap metal, you might find that the stuff you thought was junk is worth a nice chunk of change.


  • Get Rid of Evidence of Pets.

If you have a dog or cat send them away for the day. Hide the litter box and any evidence of it's aroma. Make sure your front yard is "poop" free. These are the types of things, along with their smells that can convince a buyer there are allergens, mikes and pet urea in the house. Houses with more pets are also considered to be less desirable than one with no pets at all.

  • Get Rid of Evidence of Kids (AKA: Help Them Organize Their Stuff). Don't get me wrong-I love kids, I even have a granddaughter who thinks our house is an extension of her toy box. But when showing a property, you want to create a "blank canvas". Get rid of the strollers on the porch, inflatable kiddie pools in the backyard and any toys that might be lying around in the hallway. Get rid of the baby gates and make sure there are no hand prints or crayon drawings on the walls. Studies have shown that homes with kid's stuff strewn about are considered to be less hygienic or valuable than those that don't.


  • Clean Up the Front Yard and the Porches. The front yard and porch are your very first impression of the house. It is the first thing a buyer sees when they approach the home. Make sure

the grass is cut and the garden is nicely tended. If you have to, reseed the lawn and plant a few bushes. It also does not hurt to spruce up the front door with a coat of paint and replace the house number plates and the door knocker with new versions. It also helps a lot to remove dead trees, limbs or bushes that may be on the property. Many people associate that with a lack of caring for the property. It can also send a feeling of bad luck or bad karma for some people. Last but not least, turn on the lights at night to showcase your home. 



Need more tips? Call me, I can help!


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